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BONUS: "Forever Autumn" ~ Lake of Tears

August 24, 2021
BONUS: "Forever Autumn" ~ Lake of Tears
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Swedish heavy metal band Lake of Tears put its footprint in the doom/death metal genre during the '90s.  Their sound expanded and changed as the band grew older and more musically mature, incorporating more instruments as they "further explored  the musical cosmos," according to founding member Daniel Brennare. But it was their ballad, "Forever Autumn," with a title "borrowed" from a Justin Hayward tune, where the group found international success.

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Press release:

Lake of Tears previous albums
LOT's roots in death metal
Why "Forever Autumn" is different
A more commercial sound?
The death metal label
"Forever Autumn" and Justin Hayward
Why autumn is Daniel's favorite season
The Pink Floyd thing
Laying down the tracks
"And the night becomes you..."
The lyrics, 25 years later
Public reception of "Forever Autumn"
Popularity in Korea
Closing the show
The new album "Ominous"
Why 10 years since last album